Aluminum Content of Pediatric Vaccines ‘Absurdly High,’ New Book Says

  • Aluminum Content of Pediatric Vaccines ‘Absurdly High,’ New Book Says

    Posted by Sarah on 20 January 2021 at 3:18 am

    Biochemistry professor Chris Exley’s book, “Imagine You Are an Aluminum Atom,” sheds light on the harmful impact of aluminum on human health, including how its use in vaccines harms children.

    Chris Exley, a professor of inorganic biochemistry, has many talents. Not only does he conduct important research on aluminum, but in his book, “Imagine You Are an Aluminum Atom: Discussions With Mr. Aluminum,” Exley communicates the importance of his research findings in language non-scientists can easily digest.

    The most relevant chapters are about the effects of aluminum in pregnancy and the effects of aluminum in vaccines.

    Here are some of the key issues covered in “Imagine You Are an Aluminum Atom”:

    High concentrations of aluminum are found in placental tissues and miscarried fetuses. The medical literature has demonstrated that high blood aluminum in the mother is associated with the risk for birth defects in the baby.

    Semen is a sink for concentrating aluminum, and higher aluminum exposure is a significant contributor to lower sperm counts.

    All the infant formulas milk tested for Exley’s research were “contaminated with aluminum” and many were “heavily contaminated.” The highest levels of contamination are found in formulas intended for premature infants, infants who fail to gain weight and infants with formula intolerances — a finding Exley called “outrageous.”

    Vaccines with aluminum adjuvants are associated with primary ovarian insufficiency.

    It is shocking that infants vaccinated on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention schedule are exposed to enough aluminum to cause brain damage in susceptible infants. But according to Exley’s book, “The aluminum content of pediatric vaccines is absurdly high … and there is no safety requirement to test the aluminum adjuvant alone.”

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