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This example is based upon the following situation: nnn

floating rig diverter system

TD 12 u00bdu201d hole

13 3/8u201d shoe depth

Water depth

RKB-sea level

Drill pipe

Drill collars

Mud weight

Water weight

Dp capacity

Dc capacity

Dp/casing capacity

Dp/open hole capacity

Dc/open hole capacity

Choke line capacity

MAASP (13.0 ppg mud)

8800 ft

5800 ft

1720 ft

80 ft

5u201d, 19.5 lb/ft

8u201d, 480 ft

13.0 ppg

8.56 ppg

0.01776 bbl/ft

0.0087 bbl/ft

0.1237 bbl/ft

0.1215 bbl/ft

0.0836 bbl/ft

0.0049 bbl/ft

1097 psi

Company policy is to keep the choke and kill lines full of seawater to avoid settling.

A kick is taken and the well is correctly shut in and the pressures recorded. There is no Float in the string.

Pit gain



30 bbl

750 psi

1375 psi

The choke line pressure drop is known to be as follows (with 13.0 ppg mud).

3.5 bbl/min

450 psi

The recorded slow circulating rates down the pipe and up the riser are:

3.5 bbl/min

800 psi

NOTE: CLFL = Choke Line Friction Loss

Sample Kick Sheetsnnn

Typical Subsea Kick Sheet 1 of 4
Typical Subsea Kick Sheet 2 of 4
Typical Subsea Kick Sheet 3 of 4
Typical Subsea Kick Sheet 4 of 4